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Peter Geerink Biography

Peter Geerink (June 2, 1963), born in Harbrinkhoek near Almelo in the Dutch region Twente, started his career as a showjumper on a pony when he was nine years old. His talent was recognized very soon. The young Peter was very successful with the ponies Pepper and Goldie. The last one was donated by owner Stal Maathuis to the Dutch Prince Bernhard, who gave him to his grandson Willem-Alexander.

As a senior rider Peter Geerink continued his success story. He became one of the best showjumpers of Holland. In the nineties he made his debut in the Dutch team and once he became second in the national championships with Calvados. In 1997 Peter Geerink, who started his own stables 25 years ago in Gelselaar in the province of Gelderland, ended on the sixth place in the Volvo World Cup-final. In the same year with Royal Bravour he won two World Cup-qualifications - and two nice Volvo-cars ! - in a week, in Oslo and Amsterdam. During his career he won not less than sixteen other cars.

The absolute highlight in the career of Peter Geerink was the fourth place on the back of Heartbreaker, his best horse ever, in the Grand Prix of CHIO Aachen in 1999. Other well known horses of Peter Geerink were Damiro, Larino and Joint Venture. With the last he had a nice victory in the combined championships of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg in Dutch residency The Hague.

In 2000 and 2001 Peter was two times in a row the best in the World Championships for young horses on Zangersheide in Lanaken (Belgium) with his talented horse No Time.

In recent years Peter Geerink moved back from Gelderland to his native region Twente. In the small but picturesque village Diepenheim he runs his own commercial stables. For few years his horses were ridden by Björn Egberink but after Björn started to run his own stable, is Peter back in the saddle. Peter's sons Sander and Vincent followed in the footsteps of their father and show themselves already as very talented riders too.


Peter Geerink and Zidane (Photo by Külli Tedre)

Peter Geerink and Scotch (Photo by Külli Tedre)

Horses of Peter Geerink

Lonesome Diams Hogue - x - () 
Wimbeldon - x - ()
Liosto - x - ()
Rapide Viando Sfn - x - ()
Vythagoras - x - ()
Scotch - x - ()
Uraquay - x - ()
Washington- x - ()
Bellman 2 - x - ()
Heartliner - x - ()
Ninto De Beaufour - x - ()
Abrigate - x - ()
Rapide Umorkus - x - ()
Romulus  Armstrong x - (- )
Royal Bravour Ramiro Z x - (01/01/1983)
Granata Grosso Z x Lector (01/01/1988)
No Time E-Pilot x Almé (01/01/1995)
Omona Indoctro x Cavalier (01/01/1996)
Cobra Carthago Z x Landgraf I (01/01/1997)
Calvados (ex Sable Rose) Uriel x Ibrahim (11/03/1984)
Fedor Darco x Adagio (11/05/1987)
Iroko Pilot x Bengale (18/04/1990)
Larino Concorde x Armstrong (21/04/1993)
DBH Damiro L Ramiro Z x Orthos (21/05/1985)
Norit Joint Venture Mytens xx x - (21/05/1991)
Lajos Faust Z x - (21/05/1993)
Michael Zeus x Nimmerdor (21/05/1994)
Manhattan Burggraaf x Abgar xx (21/05/1994)
Heartbreaker Nimmerdor x Silvano (21/06/1989)
Norit Loretta Gentleman x - (21/06/1993)
Goldy Quidam De Revel x - (23/05/1992)
Lamalushi Calando I x - (23/06/1993)
Norit Larino - x ()

Peter Geerink Sport Horses